May 08, 2024

KICPOD: Letting kids fail & encouraging a growth mindset – KICBUMP with Jess Sanders

Jess Sanders is a social worker and children’s author. Her latest book ‘You Can Do Hard Things – A Little One’s Guide For Not Giving Up’ helps children see disappointments as opportunities.

A growth mindset empowers children to believe in themselves and reach their full potential. From building blocks, to learning times tables, children are constantly faced with difficulties, and a growth mindset helps children believe they are capable of overcoming these difficulties, if not today, then one day.

In this conversation, Steph speaks with Jess about what a growth mindset actually means, how parents can model a growth mindset themselves, why children should experience failure and disappointment and what they can learn from it, not trying to “fix” our children’s emotions and giving children the tools to build their self-confidence.

Check out Jess’ latest book ‘Life Lessons for Little Ones: You Can Do Hard Things’ 


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