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Find a flow fit for you with over 150 on-demand Pilates classes & our new 6-week Pilates program!

Barre Burn - a Pilates program for every body.

PT-style workouts designed to help Pilates people level up & develop a routine. Choose from 1 - 5 sessions per week, repeat workouts & pause your program at anytime. Barre Burn is a Pilates program on your terms that will not progress without you.

Get ready to strengthen, lengthen & fire up your full body. With intense and dynamic movements that you know and love.


One app. Your unlimited Pilates pass

Unlock over 150 Pilates classes at your fingertips for less than $20 per month. With 4 trainers and 7 styles to explore, you'll never get bored. From power Pilates to mind & body, Kic has a flow fit for every body.


Try Pilates with Kic for free

Experience everything Kic has to offer with a 7-day free trial, no strings attached. Then as little as $9.58/month you’ll get access to over 150 Pilates classes. 

Pilates FAQs

  • I'm new to Pilates. Where do I start?

      If you’re new to Pilates or returning after a break, our guided masterclasses are for you. Filter your Pilates classes by level to view our beginner flows. If you’re new to Pilates we recommend trying Christina’s mind & body flows or Mari’s traditional Pilates classes. We’ve got your back from the beginning! 

  • How long are the Pilates classes?

      Whether you have 5 minutes or 30, we have a flow fit for you. Simply filter your workouts by duration to find a class to suit you. Our 5-10 minute Kic minis are perfect for when you’re short on time. Craving a little more? You can level up by stacking your workouts. 

      If you’re following our Barre Burn Pilates program your classes are 20-30 minutes.



  • What equipment do I need?

      Our Pilates flows are designed to use minimal equipment for maximum performance. Throughout our workouts you’ll see 

      • Pilates ball 
      • Resistance band
      • Light dumbbells
      • Sliders 

      Don’t have access to equipment? Don’t sweat! We’re all about at-home substitutes. Swap your Pilates ball for a small pillow, use tin cans or drink bottles instead of dumbbells, socks can help you slide and simply go without your resistance band. 

  • Do I have to follow a program?

      If you prefer to go with the flow, our Pilates masterclasses are for you. With 7 styles, 4 trainers and over 150 Pilates classes to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a movement to suit your mood. 

      Create your own plan by scheduling your workouts. Mix up your workouts by pairing Pilates with strength, KICRUN, yoga & more! 

  • What other workouts are in the Kic app?

      Kic has over 1000 workouts to explore. HIIT, bootcamp, strength, yoga, low impact, boxing, KICRUN, treadmill, dance cardio & KICBUMP. 

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