Lift. The gym program.

Ever felt anxious or overwhelmed walking into a gym? We get it. You’re not alone.

Introducing Lift – The gym program you’ve been waiting for. Designed to help you gain confidence, feel strong and Kic ‘gymtimidation’ in the butt. Whether you’re new to the gym or looking to level up your Kic workouts, our customisable 12 week gym program is made for you.

Ready to Lift your limits? 


Gym Anxiety? We get it.

Think of us as the PT in your pocket that moves with you. Lift is a 12 week gym program  designed to fit with your lifestyle. 

  • Gain confidence in the gym
  • Make the most of each session
  • Expert guidance without breaking the bank
  • Master gym equipment & machines
  • Choose from 1-5 workouts per week
  • Follow guided videos with Steph or go at your own pace
  • Missed your gym sesh? Kic it from home instead!

Workout your way

No matter what your fitness level, every body can Lift. Swap out your workouts to suit you. Learn to level up your weights and track your progress.

  • Swap out workouts to suit your fitness level
  • Log & level up your weights
  • Follow guided videos with Steph
  • Or go at your own pace with the checklist in app
  • Stay motivated by scheduling your workouts

Missed your gym sesh?

At home, in the gym or on the go, Kic has your back.

- Choose from 10 progressive PT-style programs
- Explore over 1000+ guided workouts
- Be kind to your mind with 100+ meditations
- Schedule your movements & meals
- Filter to find 5-30 minutes guided workouts
✓ Track your runs, walks & rides
✓ Save your favourite workouts


Get your cardio fix

You can count on Kic to help you work up a sweat! Try Kic for free and unlock hundreds of endorphin-boosting workouts at your fingertips.

- Treadmill masterclasses guided by Laura
- 5-30 minute guided HIIT & bootcamp masterclasses
- Learn to run with KICRUN 0-5km
- Go further with our 5-10km or 10-21km KICRUN programs


The anti-diet gym program.

Say goodbye to obsessive calorie counting and daily weigh-ins. We'll help you flip your relationship with food. 800+ recipes at your fingertips. We serve up the inspo, you choose the food to fuel your lifestyle. It's that simple.

- No calorie counting
- No before & after photos
- No restrictive meal plans
- 800+ healthy recipes that actually taste good


“My early 20s saw me fixated on appearances, and with no real education around physical or mental health. It was from here that I found KIC. The focus on tuning into how you feel, doing what your body needs, and celebrating the person who you are, not what you look like, is what makes Kic unique.”


“Kic has to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I kept reading people saying this about the app and didn’t quite believe it but wow. It has transformed how I work out! I can use it anytime and anywhere. Best investment I’ve made for me this year!”


“I really lost a lot of motivation to work out, but Kic has pulled me out of that rut. The variety of masterclasses, the types of workouts, and how beautiful they are to watch, oh and how AMAZING all the inspiring female trainers are, has just flicked a switch and reignited my passion for exercise.”