It’s not a look, it’s a feeling. At home or in the gym, the Kic app’s got your back. 

Lift. The gym program.

Ever felt anxious or overwhelmed walking into a gym? We get it. You're not alone. Introducing Lift - The gym program you've been waiting for. Designed to help you gain confidence, feel strong and Kic 'gymtimidation' in the butt. Whether you're new to the gym or looking to level up your Kic workouts, our customisable 12 week gym program is made for you. Ready to Lift your limits? 


Get your cardio fix with Kic

You can count on Kic to help you work up a sweat! Try Kic for free and unlock hundreds of endorphin-boosting workouts at your fingertips. With treadmill classes guided by Laura, 5-30 minute guided HIIT & bootcamp sessions & more!


The anti-diet gym program.

Say goodbye to obsessive calorie counting and daily weigh-ins. We'll help you flip your relationship with food. 800+ recipes at your fingertips. We serve up the inspo, you choose the food to fuel your lifestyle. It's that simple.


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