September 11, 2023

5 ways to Kic it at the gym

Whether you’re thinking of entering your gym era or ready to shake up your routine, there’s so many ways you can Kic is at the gym.

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on our go-to programs and masterclasses designed to help you hit your goals in the gym. No matter what your fitness level, we’ll help you work out your way!

I'm ready to 'Lift' my gym game!

Our gym program, Lift, has been going OFF, since we dropped this in app. It’s incredible to see so many of you stepping out of your comfort zone and into the gym. Lift is a 12-week gym program designed to help you get familiar with gym equipment and machines, build strength and maximise your gym sessions. Choose to workout 1-5 days per week, with the ability to swap your exercises so you can keep Kic’ing it while you’re waiting for the equipment to free up.

I'm new to strength training HELLLP!

Our KICSTART program has your back. Designed for beginners or anyone looking to get back into training after taking some time off, our 4-week KICSTART program will help you learn the basics, correct your form, build your strength and most importantly, boost your confidence.

Steph will be by your side as you follow her audio and exercise video cues, think of her as your PT in your pocket. Choose from 3-5 workouts per week, alternating HIIT & strength. KICSTART uses equipment like dumbbells, kettle bells and a box, and can be completed in the gym, at home, or a hybrid of both!

I'm ready to feel fit AF.

KICFIT has your name on it! Our 8-week intermediate program will help you master your form, build on your strength and endurance and help you progress to hit those goals. Choose from 3-5 workouts per week, alternating between HIIT & strength. Get ready to incorporate medicine balls, kettle bells, skipping ropes and resistence bands to your training.

I'm ready to push my limits

We recommend getting KICPRO on your radar. Our 12-week advanced program will take your strength and endurance to the next level. As it’s not your first rodeo, choose to follow Steph’s cues or work through each exercise at your own pace and manually check it off in app. At home or in the gym, KICPRO is here to help you level up.

I'm craving a cardio challenge!

Laura’s treadmill masterclasses will help you work up a sweat! Jump on the treadmill and hit play as Laura guides you through a 10-30 minute workout. Filter by duration and fitness level to find the right workout for you. Don’t forget that you can crank your own music while tuning into Laura, win!

Did you know you can combine multiple programs? Let’s say you love Pilates but also want to lift your gym game. We’ve got you! You can enrol in both the Barre Pilates and any of our programs listed above, select the days for each workout and they’ll appear in your planner. The Kic app is designed to help you work out your way. It’s all about finding what works for you!