Kic the rules

We’re changing the relationship people have with wellness and themselves


The content on this page discusses topics surrounding eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Cultivating change

We started Keep it Cleaner as a recipe e-book in 2015, on a mission to make healthy eating easier. We never imagined it to grow into the empowering holistic wellness company we have become. Nearly a decade later, we've come a long way as a brand, and a society. We'e already evolved from Keep it Clean, to Keep it Cleaner in 2016, recognising the stigma with clean eating and wanting to embrace balance, not restriction. But toxic diet culture still exists. We need to be louder to cut through the noise.

We have become more affectionately known as KIC, now we're making it official. We are on a mission. We are Kic. Simple and sustainable - just like our approach to healthy living. Kic is playful and proud, simple yet bold.

Here to Kic the rules

New name, same us. Except one thing. Kic is bolder. We're not afraid to stand up to society and call BS on toxic trends disguised as"wellness". We've been championing this message since day dot, but as toxic trends continue to cramp our styles, we're making more noise and our new official name is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to make real changes.

We're ready to Kic those rules & restrictions in the butt. #KICTHERULES

Our community

When we were embarking on our plan to become bigger and bolder in this space we reached out to our community to find out what wellness rules they had been told over the years. The response - over 1000 responses with rules that made absolutely no sense.

A few of the most common responses are listed below:


Rules like: Don’t eat carbs, lifting heavy will make you bulky, fast before midday, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, summer bodies are made in winter – sound familiar?

These common, yet unrealistic expectations can be the biggest barriers to achieving a balanced, sustainable and happy lifestyle. It’s an intimidating place for someone who is just starting out and can feel incredibly insular, because we’re led to believe that everyone who ‘belongs’ needs to look a certain way, only heightening the feeling that this isn’t a place for them.

On Saturday 13th May 2023, Kic took over Bondi with a gigantic mirror on Bondi Beach emblazoned with the words ‘EVERY BODY IS A BEACH BODY’ drew a literal line in the sand, smashing rules like ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’ and ‘The only body for the beach is a bikini body’.

We had a live custom print stand enabled visitors to print empowering messages in reverse on free merch (that you can now buy!). These words were printed backwards providing a direct reminder for you to make your own rules every time you look in the mirror, which can often be an intimate and negative moment for many people who feel forced to focus on the physical outcomes of their wellness journey.


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