Whether you’re just starting out or ready to take your fitness to the next level, Kic’s progressive programs are made for you. Developed by our experts & guided by Steph Claire Smith, think of Kic as your PT in your pocket. 

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“I really lost a lot of motivation to work out, but Kic has pulled me out of that rut. The variety of Masterclasses, the types of workouts, and how beautiful they are to watch, oh and how AMAZING all the inspiring female trainers are, has just flicked a switch and reignited my passion for exercise.”

Alanah Moir

“My gym buddies were busy today so I thought I would go down to the gym and give myself an upper body challenge since my legs were cactus from the previous days! Started off with 5km ride then into rowing for 20 mins and finished off with Britt’s upper body AMRAP! Can definitely say I’m not ready for basketball tonight! So happy to finally be back in swing with my exercise routine each morning.”

Heidi Rodgers

“My fave part about Kic has always been how adaptable it is: I’ve joined a boxing gym recently as I love it so much and love doing the classes! But on most days I’ll take Kic with me and do whatever I’m feeling, I can up my weights and go hard with some killer finishes. On days where I don’t have access to the gym as I’m studying, I just take my phone to the park and Kic it.”

Paris Whittenbury

“I’ve been cooking heaps of Kic recipes – they’re so wholesome and satisfying. Along with the mentality that Kic promotes, it’s let me finally recover from a longgg history of disordered eating.”

Charlotte Deelstra

“Finally gave Jaime’s Yoga Flow ‘Drishti – Point of Focus’ a crack and holy moly I have finally found my ultimate lower body stretch sequence! Easily my new favourite!”

Claire Russo