From bump to baby, KICBUMP’s here for you

Our bodies should be embraced, nurtured and celebrated, for the incredible things it can do - and that’s why we created KICBUMP.

KICBUMP has everything for mothers to feel seen, heard and empowered. Pre and postnatal Pilates, supportive strength programs, meditations and educational videos to help you build confidence, gain strength and reconnect with your body through all stages of motherhood.



Experience everything Kic has to offer with your 7-day free trial. Cancel anytime. We’ve got you Mumma. 

‘Is this normal?’ Your questions answered

Explore our series of educational videos with Kic’s physio, Ash Ormond. Answering the common questions on pre & postpartum health and exercise. From abdominal separation to upper back pain, you can feel comfortable knowing that have expert support at your fingertips with KICBUMP.


Mindfulness for mumma

Meditation has incredible benefits for both mum and bub. It's proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling calmer, centred and connected with your baby.


Kic makes eating healthy easy

Mum-life is busy, we get it. Our recipes are designed to be quick, tasty and full of wholesome ingredients to fuel your body through all stages of motherhood. With budget-friendly recipes to feed the family and freezer-proof meals to prep for postpartum, choose from 800+ healthy recipes that actually taste good!


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Kicbump FAQs

  • What else does my Kicbump membership give me access to?

      Your KICBUMP membership unlocks absolutely everything we have to offer at Kic. With moves, meals and mindfulness to support you through all stages of motherhood. 

      Let’s get to know each other with a 7-day free trial and then from as little as $9.58/month you can continue to access everything Kic has to offer! 

  • Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

      Exercising has amazing benefits for you and your baby! The most current research from the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RANZCOG) states that exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, but highly recommended to improve sleep, promote muscle strength, boost your mood and energy and assist in the management of gestational diabetes and pregnancy-related aches and pains.

      However, the RANZCOG 2020 guidelines recommend avoiding exercise in hot climates in all trimesters, and avoiding extreme sports or sports where the risk of falling is high.

  • When should I start the prenatal workouts?

      You can start our prenatal Pilates or strength program as soon as you feel comfortable. KICBUMP is designed to be completed throughout any trimester. Your Kic pilates instructors provide modifications along the way to help you feel confident and comfortable, and to ensure you’re getting what you need out of the session. The earlier you can start, the better! But there is no such thing as too late, and any time is a great time to begin exercising once you feel comfortable and you’ve received the clearance of your health care professional.

  • After having a baby, when is it safe to start exercising again?

      It varies from woman to woman, depending on a whole range of factors including the type of birth you had, how big your baby was, how active you were before and during pregnancy, and your core and pelvic floor strength. If you see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist postpartum, they will be able to give you tailored advice to ensure you return to exercise safely.

      We know that’s not always possible though, that’s why we have included a whole range of educational content in the KICBUMP program to help you feel more confident to return to exercise. Our biggest advice is to start slow, with only very gentle walking (if and when you feel up to it) and pelvic floor strengthening in the first six weeks. The KICBUMP postnatal Pilates program is designed to begin anywhere from six weeks, and is designed as a graduated exercise program, which means you start at session one, and each session builds slowly from there. 


 Then from just $2.20 AUD per week, you can access thousands of movements, meals and mindfulness at your fingertips. Cancel anytime.