April 27, 2021

Everything you need to know about prenatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates is absolutely incredible for mummas-to-be because it includes all of the benefits of a typical standard Pilates class, but with a focus on pregnancy safe movements to accommodate for, and support your growing bump, and all of the amazing changes your body is going through during this time!


In a typical prenatal Pilates session, we slow down the pace, and focus on cues that will help find and activate your pelvic floor, as well as optimise your posture for each and every movement. Expect lots of standing, side-lying and kneeling focused movements! These are great pregnancy safe positions for strengthening the lower body, glutes, and upper body.

More and more research is showing that there are so many benefits of exercising during pregnancy! Prenatal Pilates is for anyone who has no medical limitations to exercise during their pregnancy journey. Make sure you speak to your medical professional before commencing our KICBUMP program during pregnancy.

There are so many benefits of KICBUMP’s prenatal Pilates program:

Deep core and pelvic floor strengthening: The weight of the growing baby as well as all of the postural and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can weaken the pelvic floor muscles. Pilates can help to maintain good control and strength of these muscles. Keeping the pelvic floor strong can help optimise stability during pregnancy but it can also set you up for a smoother recovery after pregnancy.

Lower body and glute strengthening: Maintaining lower body strength is so important throughout pregnancy – prenatal Pilates focuses particularly on maintaining strong and supportive glutes, especially during the prenatal period, which can really help to stabilise the pelvis. This is important given that the ligaments that support our joints can become more flexible and therefore offer less support than usual.

Improved posture: During pregnancy, your posture will change significantly to accommodate for your growing bump! Prenatal Pilates helps to support this postural change through maintaining the strength of the upper and middle back, deep core and lower body, so that you are supported as much as possible throughout your pregnancy journey.

Relaxation: There’s so much change going on inside your body, and probably in your day-to-day life too in preparation for your little one! Taking some time out for yourself to focus on your wellbeing should help you switch your mind off from the business of life, and slow down the mind.

Remember that every woman’s pregnancy journey is completely different. This is your time to do what is best for your body. There are so many incredible changes happening in the body during the pregnancy journey. Prenatal Pilates is a program that slows down the pace, allowing you to re-center, reconnect to your breathing, and focus on toning your body from head to toe with pregnancy safe options.

We are so excited for mummas-to-be across the globe to experience the amazing benefits of our KICBUMP prenatal Pilates program.

We’re ready when you are, see you in the KIC app!