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“Kic has changed my perception on health and well-being! The focus of KIC isn’t weight loss or to look a certain way, it’s to create a sustainable life to let us be our best selves and I LOVE this so much! It has definitely been the way for me, and from what I have seen also a lot of you in the community!”


“I am so grateful for this community because you guys gave me the confidence to wear a bikini. You guys told me that every body is a bikini body. You don’t have to be shredded, you don’t have to be skinny, you donâ’t have to be tanned, you just need a body. Stretch marks are normal, fat rolls are normal, dimples are normal, chest and back acne is normal, embrace your body and flaunt it girls!! Hope this helps, motivates, or inspires you. Love you guys! “

Jemima Freeman

“Being in Melb and in lockdown for so long, I really lost a lot of motivation to work out, but the new Kic has pulled me out of that rut. The variety of the masterclasses, the types of workouts, and how beautiful they are to watch, oh and how AMAZING all the inspiring female trainers are, has just flicked a switch and reignited my passion for exercise.”

Alanah Moir


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