July 04, 2023

5 top tips to overcome gymtimidation

Ever walked into a gym and felt a bit overwhelmed? You’re not alone! Gym anxiety – AKA gymtimidation – is a real thing, but we can help you overcome gymtimidation with these 5 tips.

As mentioned by our good friends at body+soul, At the end of 2022, #ShyGirlWorkouts were trending massively and accrued approximately 142.5 million videos, in a bid to help others overcome feelings of gymtimidation.

Steph, who enjoys a regular gym session with our Head Trainer Danny Kennedy, wanted to join the conversation. So below are her top 5 tips to help overcome that frustrating feeling and put gymtimidation to bed for good, so you can continue smashing your goals with confidence!

1. Set up your workout corner in the gym

Gyms are busy, there’s no doubt about it. Especially if you’re heading there during a peak time like before or after work. But all you need is a little bit of space on the floor to get a workout in, and that’s the beauty of strength, ab-focused or low impact type workouts.

So lay out a matt, grab those dumbbells, kettle bells or whatever resistance you would like to use and voila, you’re ready to get started. Once you’ve set yourself up you’ll most likely feel more inspired to get stuck in!

2. Get your workout ready to go

If you can, know what workout you’re going to do. Is it an upper body strength session with Danny, 20 minutes of Pilates with Christina or 10 minutes of glutes with Kika? If you walk into the gym with a plan in advance, not only should the motivation KIC in (mind the pun!), but it will give you a sense of focus and determination to get that workout done.

3. Pump the tunes

Enough said! Get a playlist going that will boost your mood and fire up your energy. Some of my favourite playlists are Energy Booster: Pop and Songs to Sing in the Car! They’ll be a sure way to get you in the zone.

4. Start habit stacking

A term used a lot our Head Trainer, Danny, is habit stacking – accomplishing a series of small, sustainable and achievable goals. It is a far more effective way to change or build on healthy habits and ensure they’re maintained in the long term.

If you start creating some consistency in your gym routine you’ll also most likely become more familiar and confident with your surroundings.

5. Focus on YOU

Remember, everyone is focused on their own workout and no one is paying attention to what you’re doing! Don’t worry about what others are doing – the only person that matters in the room is you. Focus on you with your end goal in mind – to move your body and feel amazing.

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