June 14, 2023

10 recipe ideas under $3 a serve

Cooking and eating well shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we have a selection of budget friendly recipes you can find in the Kic app, which cost less than $3 per serve, but are still totally delicious and nourishing to support your health and active lifestyle.

Even as cozzie lives continues to bite, it’s still important that we continue to prioritise our health and wellbeing .

Finding budget friendly ways to enjoy balanced, delicious recipes doesn’t need to be hard or stressful (nudge nudge wink wink, subscribing to the Kic app is only 32c per day* and gives you access to over 1000+ workouts, recipes, meditations and more, all in the one app). 

Without good health and wellbeing, other aspects in our lives take a hit. For example, when we fail to look after ourselves, we are more at risk of getting sick or rundown.

One way we can help to look after our ourselves and our health is by eating a nutritious and balanced diet. Eating well fuels our bodies for energy, supports our immunity, lowers the risk of getting sick, keeps our bones and muscles in check and helps us keep up with the demands of personal and professional life.

Each of the below recipes are dietitian approved and cost less than $3 AUD per serve!

1. One Pot Tuscan Chicken

Originating from Tuscany, Italy, this one pot dinner is packed with punchy flavours!

2. Apple Pie Quesadilla

In just 2 simple steps you’ll have yourself a sweet quesadilla. This is the perfect recipe for those times you’re craving a quick but cozy feed.

3. Soft Taco Tray Bake Beans

Can’t get enough of Mexican inspired dishes and flavours? Then look no further than this tray bake!

4. Chicken Taco Tray Bake

If you’re after a quick and easy meal that keeps the clean up to a minimum, then this one’s for you! Plus, if you’re not needing to cook for 5, it makes for epic leftovers.

5. Brookies

Looking for something rich, fudgy and decadent? Then Brookies are for you – half cookie, half brownie. It’s a BIG yes from us. Plus, they’re nut free (making them a perfect lunch box treat).

6. Veggie Loaded Potatoes

If you’re looking to boost your fibre intake, this recipe is an utterly delicious way to help!

7. Beef Loaded Potatoes

For those who enjoy their red meat, this recipe takes the beloved potato to the next level. Filled with a rich beef mince sauce and cheddar cheese, you’ll be drooling as you cook.

8. Sushi Bake

You might have something similar to this floating around on your socials If you’re not quite sure what this dish entails, think of your traditional sushi roll but deconstructed – we know you’re going to love it!

9. Spring Greens Pasta

A speedy and delicious pasta packed full of the good stuff to help boost your daily greens intake. Is there really anything better?  

10. Cheesy Veggie Loaded Lasagna

This meat free lasagna truly gives the traditional meat lasagna a run for its money. It’s perfect for vegos or anyone wanting a meat free meal. Will this lasagna dethrone the One Pot Lasagna? 

*this is the daily price based on our yearly subscription cost of $115 AUD.