November 22, 2023

Episode #286: Don’t call it a “cookie” – talking to kids about consent & body safety – KICBUMP with Jayneen Sanders

Jayneen Sanders is a mum of three, author and educator. Her children’s books teach kids about body boundaries, respect, consent, body safety, feelings and emotions. It’s every parents’ worst nightmare to think of something happening to their kid. But Jayneen’s work seeks to empower kids to become the boss of their bodies and teach parents how they can model respectful behaviour and boundaries at home.

In this important conversation, Steph asks Jayneen about the importance of calling ‘private parts’ by their proper names, what age to start these conversations with kids, and the skills Jayneen teaches kids including creating a list of trusted adults that they can come to in case anything happens.


Check out Jayneen’s free resources including ‘Questions to ask your child’s Child-Care Centre & School’:


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