August 16, 2023

Episode #259: Stay at home vs working mums – KICBUMP with Not So Mumsy’s Marcia Leone

You may know Marcia Leone as ‘Not So Mumsy’ – she’s an author, founder of the clothing label Not So Mumsy and a proud mum of two.

If you’re a stay at home mum who has craved going back to work, or if you’re a working mum who has felt guilt for missing out on special time with your children, you are certainly not alone! Marcia has experienced both of these feelings and explains in today’s KICBUMP episode why it is important for her to keep her identity of who she was pre-children.

She also discusses the challenges that come with separating from your partner when you have young children, the pros and cons and what it means for the family as a whole. She also shares her experience with getting back into the dating game after 15 years of being in a relationship.