July 12, 2023

Episode #249: To sleep train or not to sleep train? That is… up to you! – KICBUMP with Maggie Chretien

Maggie Chretien, also known as ‘The Peninsula Mumma’ on Instagram is an actress, writer, presenter, podcast host, and the biggest job of all… a mum of two!

Maggie is incredibly open about her motherhood journey, her experience with prolapse, mental health, confidence and a bunch of other things, but in today’s KICBUMP episode we wanted to focus particularly on her experience with sleep training her children, which came with an absurd amount of backlash from people when she opened up about it online.

Sleep training may not be for every parent and that is totally okay, but in today’s episode we discuss what options there are, what worked for Steph and what worked for Maggie, how to block out the noise of everyone else’s unhelpful opinions and much more.

Check out Maggie’s podcast ‘MA15 Plus’ with Alex Nation.