March 27, 2023

‘I feel so empowered and strong after completing KICRUN’

Before starting KICRUN, Keely believed she was simply not destined to be a runner, let alone actually enjoy it! However, despite a recent autoimmune diagnosis, having the inspiration and motivation to start running has helped her journey towards proving to herself SHE IS a runner.

Here’s how Keely found her love of running!

I had always considered myself as ‘not a runner’ and ‘I’ve never been able to run’. I had tried to learn previously but failed. But at the end of 2021 we sadly lost my uncle to a brain tumour. He took up running later in life and had a passion for running marathons. Knowing how much he loved to run, I was really inspired by him and it pushed me to try again.

I tried to complete it twice before. However, due to my recent autoimmune diagnosis, my body had failed me, falling short of completing it.

So, last year I decided I really wanted to give it another go and compete the 0-5km program with KIC. I actually ended up completing it at the same time as my friend Laura, we both had a reason to run this time and completed it within a day of each other.

KICRUN has taught me to beat those mind games and keep pushing

For the majority of my runs I start off well, although my body does try to trick me out of it through aches and pains. By using KICRUN, I’ve learnt how to beat those mind games and to keep pushing through every time. And I’m SO glad I do!

I feel so empowered and strong after completing a run and actually look forward to my next run. I notice the improvements after each run, whether it’s my breathing slowly improving, or the endurance I have throughout the whole run. I also LOVE the endorphins I get after a run too!

It’s the best reminder I need to know I CAN run

The KICRUN program has been structured to allow enough time for recovery. That first run of the week, when it repeats from the week before, is the best reminder I need, to know I CAN complete the runs for the following week.

The increasing intervals make running the distance an achievable goal and provide me with the confidence I need to get through the runs as they progress. I love to fit Pilates into my weekly routine as well as other Masterclasses as they help prevent me from any injuries.

We keep each other accountable 

A few of my friends have also been running lately, and we have been keeping each other accountable. We do tend to complete our runs separately, but we always make sure to encourage each other to keep going!

I’ve also managed to encourage my partner Kurt to start running, helping him find his love for it again too! Both of us make time in our weeks for running, making it so much easier to stay committed, especially when it’s scheduled in after a long day at work.

Not every run will be perfect, but getting it done is an amazing feeling

I still find it hard, and have learnt that not every run will be perfect or feel good, however getting it done is such an amazing feeling and noticing the strength and progress I make the more I run is such an incredible feeling and one that pushes me to keep going.

Since finding my love for running, I’ve signed up for the upcoming Run for a Reason on the 21st of May. I am feeling very excited but also nervous. I have always wanted to complete a ‘fun run’ but more so one for charity, though I never thought I’d ever be able to. Completing the KICRUN program has definitely given me the confidence I need to complete the run

I truly believe that if I hadn’t followed the 8 week program that I would have given up trying to learn to run. So thank you KICRUN for making me a runner!

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