February 15, 2023

ĎI didnít appreciate what my body can actually do, until I found KICí

Shannon has been KICíing it since the very beginning and has transformed the way she feels about her body and feels more confident and happy in her own skin.

KIC is now a staple item part of Shannonís daily routine and she wouldnít have it any other way. Hereís what a day in Shannonís life with KIC looks likeÖ

I am not much of a morning person and prefer to complete my KIC workout at the end of my day. Instead Iíll get my morning dose of KIC when I listen to KICís co-founders Steph and Laura having a yarn on the KICPOD. It makes the long drive to work fun and feels much quicker!

Iíll go through the motions of my work day and more often than not will have an office-friendly KIC lunch with me that is perfect for weekly meal prepping.

KICís Pumpkin Feta Pasta is always one of my favourites to make as it doesnít require many ingredients and is super delicious. Another favourite of mine is KICís Creamy Pesto Pasta, oh and I also love their Cheeseburger Sausage Roll recipe!

When I come home from work, Iíll put on my activewear, roll out my mat, hit play on my get stronger workout playlist and get straight into a KIC workout.

When I workout with KIC, I tend to opt for one of their Masterclass style workouts as I enjoy having someone there motivating me through. I also enjoy working out at this time because it helps me sweat out any frustrations from my day and it helps me unwind – I find this routine really beneficial for my mental and physical health.

When it comes to workout types, Iíll change it up depending on my mood! At the moment Iím loving the Boxing and Power Pilates Masterclasses the most.

One thing that I love about KIC is that with their constant stream of new workouts, it means I have so much choice in how I want to move my body. Recently they dropped Dance Cardio workouts with Kath and Barre Pilates workouts with Kika. Iíve tried both these workout styles and they are so much fun and really get you working up a sweat!

Once Iíve finished smashing out my KIC workout, Iíll cook a delicious and nutritious meal that Iíve selected from the KIC recipe hub (there are SO many yummy options to choose from).

Then if Iím lucky and remember, Iíll unwind with a meditation. Iím not normally big on meditations (only because I always forget to do them!), but KIC has taught me just how beneficial mediations are for our minds and bodies.

Overall, KIC makes me feel happy and strong, and gives me the confidence that I can do anything I put my mind to. I now know (thanks to KIC) that it does not matter what you look like, what matters is how you feel. KIC has done an incredible job in making me realise this.

KIC has also made me appreciate what my body can actually do. I used to worry about what I looked like and if anyone would actually care about me posting a selfie or a photo of myself, but now after seeing the KIC community, Steph and Laura post about their own insecurities and their wins, it gives me the confidence to do the same. It has made me realise that we are all our biggest self-critics and that only you stand in your way of accomplishing your goals.

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KIC is here to help you make movement, mindfulness and meals easy, fun and accessible. We are all about helping you finding your feel good and workout your way.

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