March 22, 2023

‘KICRUN has helped me prove I AM A RUNNER!’

Alicia began her running journey with KIC back in 2020 so she could prove to herself she is a runner!

KICRUN has also given her the confidence to begin training for a half marathon this year. This is an incredible goal to be working towards, we can’t wait to support Alicia on this new challenge and she should be extremely proud of her mindset in getting half marathon ready.

Here’s Alicia’s story!

I’m 35 years old and I joined KIC because of the great community I had seen and wanted to be part of it. I was inspired to start KICRUN during the COVID lockdowns in Melbourne, and felt it would be a great way to help with my mental health during such a challenging time.

I have always wanted to be a runner and thought it was the perfect way to get started. After completing the Program, I could not get over how strong I felt and just how much my fitness had improved over the 8 weeks. It’s given me the confidence and motivation to keep going and build on my running even more!

The way I feel after a run is one of the best feelings

Yep, ‘runner’s high’ is legit! I know that if I’m having an off day, going for a run will make me feel so much better and love that Laura is in my ears cheering me on every step of the way.

Outside of my KICRUN days, I love to incorporate Kika’s Pilates Masterclasses to support my mobility that is needed for running.

(Although, I really love all the Masterclasses, and so many of them compliment KICRUN, but Kika’s workouts are perfect for when you need something that is a little kinder on the joints but you still ‘feel that BURN!’ I also love the fact that the Masterclasses are very much that ‘on demand’ workout type and I can change it up depending on my mood on the day!)

It’s given my son a passion for health & fitness

I even have my 11 year old son sometimes join me for a KICRUN!

The Program has actually given him a passion for running as well as overall health and fitness – I’ve watched his confidence grow immensely when he participates in sport events and P.E. at school. It’s become something we both really enjoy doing together, which is so special.

It’s truly inspiring and gives me so much confidence

My mindset has changed significantly since doing the KICRUN Program – being able to smash out a run and actually see the progress I’m making in my ability to run is truly inspiring and gives me so much confidence.

I’m pumped about the return of KICRUN Club and can’t wait to start with the KIC Squad on Monday 27 March – I’ll be getting half-marathon ready with the new 10-21km Program, can’t wait!

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