November 08, 2022

The KIC Team share their health and wellness ‘recipes’

At KIC, we believe that the key to a healthy and happy life is moving your body in a way that feels good for YOU, fuelling your body with food that makes YOU feel nourished and creating a wellness routine that supports YOU through your everyday.

This means that the ‘ingredients’ to lead a healthy and happy life will be different for everyone. That’s why it is so important to never compare yourself to anyone else, because their needs are probably different to yours.

To help show you just how unique everyone’s health and wellness recipe is, we asked the KIC team to share their recipe for a healthy, happy lifestyle and what taking care of their mental health looks like for them. Here’s what they had to say:

Steph – Chief Operating Officer

“I try and keep my recipe for health and wellness simple. I release all expectations of each week turning out perfect, and just do what I can with what I have.

Movement is an ingredient I try and incorporate into my everyday. Whether that’s a short walk to the coffee shop, a KIC mini, a full KIC workout or a one on one session with Danny (PT) – movement is key for my energy and clarity!

Another important ingredient is family time. Spending quality time with Josh & Harvey but also close friends and family outside of work is something I try and keep as a non-negotiable inclusion to my week. However some weeks this ingredient is only lightly sprinkled, rather than dolloped and that’s okay! I just find my mental health is heavily impacted when this ingredient is missing.

And finally, nutrition. Finding the foods that help me KIC’ goals but still satisfy my taste buds and cravings has meant I don’t follow a restrictive diet – instead I listen to my body and again, do what I can with what I have!”


Holli – Marketing Coordinator

“My recipe for health and wellness is centred around my mornings. Waking up early, moving my body (lifting weights, doing pilates or going for a walk), grabbing a coffee from the local coffee shop and giving my dog a hug all set me up for success throughout the day. Making this time an unmissable meeting with myself means I have the capacity to show up for the people around me, which is super important to me.

Being able to cook good food for family (always from the KIC app…if you haven’t tried the Moroccan Chicken please do!), spend time with my loved ones and having alone time to read or listen to a podcast is also crucial in making sure I’m my happiest healthiest self.”


Georgie – Communications Coordinator

“My recipe for health and wellness involves all the things I do that fill my cup and help me mitigate my stress to avoid burn out.

My “ingredients” include, daily morning exercise (which might be an intense Treadmill run with Laura or a light walk or anything in between), time with my loved ones, meal prepping for my week ahead and listening to my favourite podcasts that give me food for thought.

When I am able to do these things, I am able to be the best version of myself who feels both strong physically and mentally and when I feel strong, I feel healthy and well.”


Bailey – Content Specialist

“For me health and wellness looks a lot like daily exercise whether it be a strength sessions at the gym, a KIC pilates Masterclasses or a walk with my dog, cooking healthy meals to nourish my body and checking in with my friends and family. Not every day is perfect, and that is okay! But when I am able to fit these things into my routine, I know I’m going to feel my best.”


Harriet – Head of Growth

“My recipe for health and wellness starts with a walk with a friend or a Pilates session in the morning, a podcast or a book during the day, then finishing with a yummy KIC recipe that fuels me (and my loved ones). When I’m able to do all of those things, I’m at my best!”


Diana – Junior Fullstack Software Engineer

“My recipe for health and wellness looks a little like this: I’m most energised when I can gently start my day with a 15min meditation and stretch, before heading out for a walk/slow jog along the creek. There’s something about being out amongst the chirping birds and dewy morning glow that puts a spring in my step. Back home, I prepare myself a light breakfast with yoghurt and fresh berries, sometimes an egg or two (scrambled and sprinkled with dukkah is my go-to!).

As a software engineer, I spend a lot of time hunched over at my desk – KICs minis are my go-to when I need a mini-break. It’s also a fantastic way to keep my body primed for a stress-relieving, end-of-the-work-day workout! My favourites are the treadmill workouts, though I do try to mix things up and exercise different parts of my body by picking any of Danny, Leo, Kika or Mari’s masterclasses.”


Caroline – PR & Comms Manager

“The secret ingredient in my recipe for health and wellness is getting up early! There’s something so nice about waking up and getting a workout in before it starts getting busy. During the week I normally get up between 5.30am – 6.00am and go for a run with my dog, do a 30 minute KIC Pilates workout, or a Treadmill Masterclass! Then it’s coffee time, reading the news, and getting an hour of admin out of the way. I find that this is the best way to clear my head and set me up for a productive day ahead.”

Remember, what health and wellness looks like for you might be different to what it looks for those around you – this is because you are beautifully unique in your own way and need different ‘ingredients’ to make the perfect recipe that works for YOU.