August 23, 2022

How to have a nourishing start to your day with Laura Henshaw

At KIC we love to prioritise our morning nourishment as it helps to ensure that we start the day off right.

We believe that nourishment will look different for everyone as at KIC we define nourishment as the things you do that make YOU feel fuelled, healthy and energised.

From the simple act of making your bed to getting out for a morning walk or enjoying a nutritious breakfast, there are a myriad of things that you can do to help you feel nourished.

It’s also important to remember that what your nourishing morning may look like and what will fill your cup may change. This change may be due to the weather, where you are in your menstrual cycle, what commitments you have or simply because your priorities are evolving. It’s imperative to listen to yourself and your body to ensure that you’re doing what is best for you. Take each morning as it comes.

The most important thing however, is that you don’t compare yourself to others. Instead, let your priority be looking after YOU and choosing the things that are realistic to fit into your morning and that leave you feeling good. What you see working for someone else on social media might not be work for you – and that is completely okay.

For example, what nourishes Steph in the morning is entirely different to what nourishes me in the morning.

For Steph as mum, I know that a nourishing morning for her involves time with Harvey and if she’s got another spare moment, using it to move her body with a KIC Mini. Whereas for me, a nourishing morning involves moving my body followed by hot shower and a yummy breakfast. However, there are times when I know I need to prioritise slower mornings, so I meditate or take a moment to practice gratitude, which leave me feeling just as good.

Your recipe for a nourishing morning is all about YOU. To help create your recipe I encourage you to ask yourself:

    • How much time do I have?
    • What makes me feel good?
    • What is realistic for me?

Once you know these, you’ll be able to create a nourishing morning routine that serves you.

So regardless of what your nourishment recipe includes, whether it be a meditation, journaling, making a cup of tea, working out, going for a walk, enjoying a nutritious breakfast, resting, practicing gratitude or having a cuddle with a loved one, know that when you follow your recipe, you’re prioritising yourself and setting yourself up for a positive and productive day ahead.

Laura Henshaw