July 18, 2023

Save your cash on takeaway, with these 10 work lunch ideas

Are you tired of spending a fortune on takeaway meals during your work lunch breaks? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 10 easy work lunch ideas that will save you cash.

Whether you’re looking to cut down on expenses or level up your work lunches with budget-friendly yet delicious options, we’ve got your back.

Say goodbye to costly takeaways and hello to delicious and nourishing homemade lunches that will leave your taste buds satisfied and your wallet happy.

1. Kimchi Toastie

Not only is this a flavourful and tangy addition, but Kimchi offers several health benefits and is a probiotic, meaning it contains beneficial bacteria to support a healthy gut!

2. Creamy Easy Caesar Salad

Office lunch inspo! Enjoy our protein-packed Caesar Salad, with juicy chicken, crispy bacon, and crusty bread, all tossed in a creamy, easy dressing.

3. Burger Bowl

Tasty, flavoursome and wholesome dish that’s perfect for lunch. Double your quantities and enjoy the rest for dinner!

4. Salmon Rice Bowls

Transform your ordinary rice bowl into a mouth-watering meal with our protein-packed Salmon Rice Bowls!

5. Easy Lunch Wrap

For the days you’re short on time or need something to take on the go, try this seriously easy lunch wrap!

6. Easy Lunch Box

This easy lunch box recipe is designed to be a starting point for your daily packed lunch! Mix and match your favourite ingredients to change it up depending on what you’re in the mood for.

7. Swedish Salmon Bagel

Looking for a delicious yet effortless lunch? Then look no further than this bagel filled with a creamy salmon mixture and fresh greens, Yum!

8. Chicken, Mustard and Cheese Toastie

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ toastie!? Make up your sandwich in the morning, bring it to work and toast it at lunch time. Delish!

9. Halloumi, Roasted Pumpkin and Spinach Frittata

The frittata of your dreams is coming right up! Simply heat it up in the microwave at work or enjoy it fresh.

10. Tuna & rice bowl

We’re all about that simple lunch life. When you’re busy, you just need those simple, go-to recipes that will keep you feeling nourished and energised.

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