April 29, 2024

HIIT’s not for me? Laura busts your HIIT myths

If the idea of stepping into a gym, doing a circuit class, burpees, jumping lunges and anything high-intensity, fills you with dread, know that you’re not alone.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) can be something many of us find a hit or miss (pun intended!). We either absolutely thrive on those feel-good, sweaty endorphins or we feel like running away from HIIT all together because of a negative experience or perception.

I know I used to be the latter. Unfortunately, many of us have been victims of toxic diet culture where we used things such as HIIT as ways to lose weight and punish our bodies. When you’re pushing yourself, beyond your limits, of course HIIT isn’t enjoyable, it hurts. You have pain in your body, you don’t feel energised, there’s no post-workout high. You’re often left feeling defeated, so finding the motivation to come back and do it all again is hard. When people say they don’t like HIIT, I get it. Because let’s be real. Jumping lunges… Burpees…high knees. They’re all hard!

But I know that when you practice these movements in a sustainable way, they can actually make you feel so damn good! Don’t believe me? Just try one of my brand new HIIT workouts and I’m confident that I can help flip your mindset in just 5-15 minutes! Together we’ll focus on appreciating our bodies and empowering our minds.

To help you unlearn those negative misconceptions, today I’ll be busting those HIIT myths, because with us, Kic HIITs different.

1. HIIT doesn’t have to be a punishment

Gone are the days that we burpee’d away for 45 minutes on end as a way to punish our bodies for not being enough. I remember when I had an unhealthy relationship with exercise and diet and how I used to do exactly this. I knew exactly how long I needed to workout to burn off what I had eaten. I would workout for an entire hour, counting down every second. My love for movement was completely stripped away.

But now, after a lot of work, I know how important it is to listen to my body and to move because I know how good it will make me feel. Yes HIIT can be a challenge, when you workout with me, I’ll show you that it can also be your meditation, your stress release, your energy boost and it can be fun! My workouts will remind you that you are enough, just as you are. Your HIIT workout is just here to boost your mood.

2. Your workout doesn’t have to take 45minutes

Somehow, 45 minutes became the ‘gold-standard’ for HIIT workouts. Which is totally not true! Finding 45 minutes to move your body can be tricky, life is busy, and you’ll likely rule out exercise all together if you can’t make the time. But at Kic, we’re big believers that even the smallest movement can make you feel so good. 5-15 minutes is all you need to feel that burn and boost those endorphins.

Finding the motivation for a 5 minute HIIT workout is a lot easier than a 45 minute session. So, I’ll often start with a 5 minute class and see how I go. Sometimes the motivation flows after that and I’ll stack on another workout, and other times I decide that’s enough. Both are okay! Either way, I’ll feel proud for moving my body and doing something for me.

3. Sweat doesn’t = success.

You don’t need to be a puddle of sweat to have had a good workout. Trust us! As long as you’re moving your body and giving it a go, then that’s a successful workout to us.

4. You don’t have to be ‘fit’ to HIIT it

You don’t have to be able to burpee 50 times or skip for 5 minutes non-stop to be considered a ‘HIIT-Lover’. With my HIIT classes, it’s all about tuning into your body and going at your own pace. I’ll help you prove to yourself that if you’re able to move, you’re able to HIIT it. You can filter my classes by beginner and intermediate level, start with a 5-minute workout and you’ll be surprised by how capable you are, trust me!!

5. Your trainer can actually be nice - (hah!)

I recently reached out to our community, asking for what they thought about HIIT. SO many of you came back letting me know that your experience with HIIT involved a trainer who loved to yell and maybe wasn’t the most positive!

We’re here to say, this doesn’t need to be the case! Our new HIIT classes have me as your trainer, and I promise you we’ll be bringing all the good vibes!!! Even if you’re trying one of our other HIIT trainers in the app, whether that’s Brooke, Leo or Danny, all of our HIIT trainers are here to support you every step of the way.

6. You can finish a workout feeling good, not defeated

Finishing a workout should make you feel energised, empowered and proud. Yes, you can feel a bit tired, maybe a bit sore and puffed but you don’t need to be feeling defeated and down on yourself. Pushing yourself through a workout just to feel wrecked and defeated, doesn’t need to be the norm. Again, HIIT can leave you feeling good – trust us. Just try one HIIT workout with me, and you’ll know that with Kic, it always HIITs different.