July 26, 2023

Let’s talk about the 5 myths of lifting weights

We know lifting weights or strength training can sound a bit full on, especially if you’re a beginner or if you’re familiar with the phrase, ‘Lifting weights makes you bulky’. Which, btw, is the biggest myth of all. But we’re here to debunk all those common misconceptions when it comes to weight training and set the record straight, so you can focus on getting strong!

We’re here to support you through your weight training journey. No matter your age or current fitness level, weight training is for everyone and has endless benefits.

Have you ever been told lifting weights will make you bulky? Well, you’re not alone. Let’s unpack this common myth and explore how weight training can empower us, help build lean muscle and enhance over all wellbeing.

While pushing your limits can be tempting, we can’t stress enough the importance of breaks between sets and dedicated rest days. We will dive into recovery and the role it plays in optimising your progress and preventing burnout.

Going hand in hand with looking after your body, our Head Trainer, Danny, alongside Steph, will guide you to improve and perfect your form and technique to prevent risk of injury.

But that’s not all. We’ll also introduce you to the often over-looked practice of breath work, which can take your performance to new heights.

MYTH #1 Lifting weights will make you bulky

Okay… rant incoming! Not only does lifting weights provide endless benefits that go far beyond physical appearance, but growing significant muscle mass requires a substantial amount of intense training PLUS is dependant on so many other factors outside of just weight training. (So, even if your goal was to ‘bulk up’, this would take some time and some pretty big changes would need to be made to your lifestyle.)

Instead, lifting weights will strengthen your bones, help you gain confidence in the gym, reduce risk of injury, improve your performance across all forms of fitness and benefit your mental wellbeing.

MYTH #2 Lifting weights is only for men

Definitely not! Although it may feel like lifting weights is male dominated thanks to societal traditions that associated weight lifting with male attributes, anybody can lift weights and you will notice a range of benefits.

Did you know strength training can positively impact our hormone levels, reduce stress and improve your overall mood? It also has been associated with the reduction of chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

MYTH #3 Lifting weights slows down flexibility

Actually, it’s the opposite. Lifting weights can even compliment and enhance flexibility.

When we are strength training, our bodies are moving through a range of motions which means we are keeping our joints and surrounding tissues mobile. Plus, before every weight training session, we highly recommend doing a ‘warm up’ exercise which involves stretching to improve flexibility and reduce risk of injury.

MYTH #4 You need to lift heavy to feel results

Not true. Depending on what your goals are and various factors such as fitness level, lifting both light and heavy weights have positive effects.

Strength training is all about gradually increasing the equipment weight and challenging our muscles over time. For example, if your goal is to build lean muscle mass and strength it’s usually advised you lift heavier weights with fewer reps. However, if you are lifting to improve endurance and overall health, lighter weights with higher reps might be your thing. But we’d recommend a mix of two for variety and balance!

MYTH #5 Lifting weights is not a cardiovascular exercise

Although strength training may be associated with muscular strength, lifting weights can definitely have your heart pumping and breaking a sweat.

Incorporating weights into workouts such as HIIT and circuit training will also elevate your heart rate in no time. Combining supersets and compound movements (reminder: supersets are when two exercises are back to back without resting and compound movements involve the use of multiple muscle groups) will also help improve cardiovascular fitness.

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