February 07, 2022

Strengthen & lengthen with our new KICBUMP Pilates flows & stretches!

Hey KIC Mummas, we are SO excited to release some brand new content just for you in app! Our Pilates instructor & fellow mumma, Christina has released 5 empowering prenatal Pilates flow to help support, strengthen & nurture your body throughout your pregnancy. PLUS, our expert physio & women’s health expert, Ash Mason, has released 5 short yet very sweet stretching videos, to help you release the aches & pains in your body during pregnancy & beyond. 



Sweet & Simple Lower Body

A gentle flow with simple yet effective movements to help support you during your pregnancy. Focusing on your glutes and lower body Christina will guide you through tippy birds, pulses, reverse lunges and calf raises.

Upper Body Focus

This gentle flow focuses on connecting with your breath and putting your upper body to work. You’ll need some light weights as Christina helps you build strength in your upper body with sweeping movements. Listen in for Christina’s cues to help engage the right muscle groups.

Powerful Four Point

Stretch, strengthen & release your entire body with this Pilates flow with Christina. Start with a four point kneeling series then it’s time to stand up tall and work your lower body with the resistance band. KIC tip: Keep a cushion or blanket handy to place under your knees if you’re finding the load a little heavy.

Core to Pelvic Floor

Grab your Pilates ball and get ready for the ultimate stretch & release! Gently work on your pelvic floor, widening your hips and safely bringing awareness to your abdominal wall – which will help support you well after your pregnancy!

Calm, Centred & In Control

A slow stretching class to get your body moving and relaxed. Focusing on your full body Christina will help you feel calm and centred. KIC Tip: You can use a cushion or folded up blanket for extra support.



Upper Body Opener

Carrying stress & tension through your upper back? You’re not alone! Release & relax with a series of cat cows, thread the needles, arm openings, puppy pose & kneeling chest opens.

Lower Back Stretch

Lower back pain? We hear you! Join Ash as she guides you through a 10 minute hip flexor and lower back opening session.

Neck & Shoulder Stretch

Open and release your neck and shoulders with this 10 minute stretch session with Ash.

Full Body Stretch Sesh

Ash guides you through a blissful full body stretch session, sharing breathing cues to help you maximise each stretch. Let’s release those muscles that are working harder than usual to support your bump!


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