November 15, 2021

Episode #118: KICBUMP: Judgement, Guilt & Body Acceptance with The Peninsula Mumma

In this week’s KICBUMP episode Steph chats with Maggie Chretien, AKA, The Peninsula Mumma.

As two mums who have openly shared their experience with sleep school, Steph & Maggie discuss the judgment they have received on social media and the ways in which they have learnt to cope with negativity.

Together they dive into tips on managing mum guilt, the power and importance of communication and body acceptance. Maggie opens up about her postnatal anxiety and how Googling is ‘a no from me’.

We admire and adore Maggie’s strength and transparency and hope that new & expectant mums will feel more confident in themselves and their skin after listening to this raw and beautiful episode.


Maggie Chretien


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