April 25, 2021

It’s a….KICBUMP! Introducing KIC’s newest baby.

I’m so excited to FINALLY introduce you to something we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes: KICBUMP, our pre and postnatal Pilates program!

KICBUMP is a series of pre and postnatal workouts, meditations and educational videos designed to help expecting and new mums build confidence, boost energy and enhance positivity during one of the most magical but overwhelming times of our lives; motherhood!

We have joined forces with some seriously incredible women who have helped bring KICBUMP to life. The lineup includes expert Physiotherapist and Women’s Health Educator, Ashleigh Mason, KIC’s Pilates instructors, Christina Traychevska and Mari Yammas and Meditation Coach, Meg James. These powerhouses have helped bring KICBUMP to life , ensuring it supports women throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

KICBUMP was conceived (pun intended!) off the back of the sheer volume of beautiful mums-to-be reaching out for advice on how to exercise safely.  Understanding which exercises you can and can’t do can be really overwhelming, I totally get it! I wanted to create something that celebrates the amazing female body and the incredible things we CAN do, a program that not only empowers but educates new and expectant mothers across the globe.

Throughout my pregnancy I was so fortunate to work with Ashleigh and we’re so excited to have her on the KIC SQUAD so that you can have access to her expertise too! I myself have loved using KICBUMP, it’s allowed me to maintain my strength with peace of mind knowing that each exercise has a physio’s tick of approval. I’ve literally tried each and every movement and meditation and I’m so excited to share this with our KIC community.

Our prenatal Pilates program is guided by KIC’s very own Pilates instructor and brand new mumma, Christina Traychevska with a focus on building and maintaining strength throughout pregnancy. Both Christina and I were pregnant during the creation of this program which is just so special. We understand the modifications needed and the changes and challenges that come with pregnancy and have used our personal experiences to shape this program.

The postnatal program has been developed to guide new mothers to return to exercise safely and minimise injuries. Over 10 weeks, new mums will be in the hands of Mari Yammas who will guide you through step by step ensuring you feel safe and confident returning to exercise.

KICBUMP is designed to be a safe and inclusive program, developed and guided by experts so you can be sure to never feel alone. We do however always advise that you consult with your medical health professional before starting the KICBUMP program to make sure it’s right for your personal journey.

I can’t believe my KIC baby is finally here and can’t wait to connect with our KIC mums within the community.

Love Steph x

Steph Claire Smith