November 28, 2021

Episode #121: KICBUMP: From bump to baby, your women’s health questions answered!

In this week’s episode Steph sits down with KICBUMP’s very own women’s health educator & physio, Ash Mason.

Ash is a holistic physio and mind-set coach who genuinely loves empowering others to feel confident and is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things women’s health!

Ash shares her tips, tricks and tools on exercising during pregnancy, looking after your body post-birth, abdominal separation and other common women’s health symptoms, mental health, burnout and feelings of overwhelm throughout all stages of early motherhood.

To wrap up the episode Ash takes us through a pelvic floor exercise that you can literally do anywhere!


Ash Mason 


Blueberry & Cinnamon Porridge


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