March 12, 2024

Episode #310: Laura was so tired she did THIS to Dalton in her sleep

We’re a bit delulu this week! It’s the Kic shoot week so we’re a bit tired. But not as tired as Laura’s husband Dalton who was woken up in the night by Laura doing….WHAT?…in her sleep!?

Plus Steph saw a woman having the time of her life singing out loud and strutting along a busy street and we asked you what has brought you joy recently. Please share with us in the KICPOD Facebook group if you’ve seen something that made you smile recently.

Then we turn the delulu up to 11 and discuss the very important topic of public toilet etiquette: do you sit on, hover over, or line the toilet seat? Are you shaking or drying your hands? And would you answer your phone when you’re on the loo?


  • Steph: the episode ‘Ed Mylett: #1 Habit to Become an Expert at Time and Energy Management’ from the podcast On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  • Laura: the episode ‘Drunk Elephant: Tiffany Masterson’ from the podcast How I Built This


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