December 07, 2021

Episode #123: Meet the Henshaws! Why Dalton Took Laura’s Surname

We’re still on a high from Laura’s wedding so we decided to do another episode, but this time you’ll be hearing from the newlyweds!

Together Laura and Dalton reflect on the buildup to the wedding, the wedding itself and the wild reaction sparked by Dalton taking Laura’s name. You’ll also get to hear Dalton’s side of the story, his journey navigating the wedding around covid and how he felt about breaking away from some of the conventional and expected traditions of a wedding.

Most importantly, Dalton provides the beautiful reminder that a name doesn’t define who you are, your actions do.

Dalton Henshaw 


Steph: SCANDAL by Shameless Podcast
Laura: 101 Essays that will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Wiest


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