March 01, 2023

Episode #211: Emotional eating, with Psychologist Cass Dunn

If you’re someone who has a negative relationship with food, exercise or body image, this episode will provide you with some helpful tools to assist in rewiring your thinking patterns to be more positive. 

Clinical & Coaching Psychologist, and host of the ‘Crappy to Happy’ podcast, Cass Dunn joins us on KICPOD this week to discuss emotional eating. What exactly is it? What’s the psychology behind it? Why does it affect so many of us, particularly women? What can we do to shift our mindset? Cass answers all of these questions and also provides a really interesting insight into the bigger question behind it all – what’s really going on mentally?

You can listen to Cass Dunn’s podcast ‘Crappy to Happy‘ on the free LiSTNR app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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