October 12, 2021

Episode #112: Why Carbs are your BFF & how to fuel your body pre & post workout

In this week’s episode Steph and Laura are chatting about all things nutrition with KIC’s incredible dietitian Liv Morrison.

Liv dishes the details on what we should and shouldn’t be focusing on when it comes to pre and post exercise nutrition. In light of the launch of KICRUN, she talks about how we should fuel our bodies when upping the anti with running. Liv also flags the importance of iron levels, the 4 ‘R’s’ of recovery and the paramount importance of carbohydrates.

Steph and Laura touch on their own personal running journeys and how they incorporate running into their weekly movement routines.

You can find our brand new KICRUN program in your KIC app or find out more here! 




Liv Morrison 



Steph: Puzzles

Laura: Scheduled rest / self care time.



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We also want to remind you that it’s just as important to look after your mind like you do your body. If you need some support, there are amazing resources out such as Lifeline & Beyond Blue.