October 05, 2021

Episode #111: Want to run 5km? How to become a runner with KICRUN

On this very special bonus episode of the KICPOD, Steph and Laura chat with Hannah Drysdale. Hannah is a physiotherapist at Upwell Health (and a champion runner herself) and has helped create our brand new KICRUN program – an audio guided program designed to help you gradually build up your endurance and confidence to run 5km straight!

Steph and Laura ask Hannah all your burning running questions. From running techniques to understanding how to build up cardiovascular fitness, Hannah shares all her running tips and tricks. She dives into details on how to prevent and handle a stitch, how to warm up and cool down properly, how to progress in your running and how to find the motivation to run! Hannah also shares her advice on running during pregnancy for any mums-to-be.




Hannah Drysdale



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