February 15, 2023

Episode #207: The decision of whether to have children, with Ryan Shelton

You may know Ryan Shelton from ‘The Imperfects‘ podcast with The Resilience Project founder Hugh Van Cuylenberg, or you may know him from Rove Live back in the day, or you may know him as Hamish Blake‘s best mate, or you may just know him for being the hilarious performer that he is! Either way, in today’s KICPOD episode Ryan finds the perfect balance between making us laugh and making us think about some of life’s toughest decisions.

Ryan recently opened up on ‘The Imperfects’ about being unsure whether to have children or not, so today he delves more into this thought process and where he’s currently at with the decision, plus he explains why he’s ditched the smart phone and now has a ‘dumb phone’. Then to finish, Steph & Laura invite Ryan into ‘The Hilaritea House’, which is a spin off of his segment ‘The Vulnerabilitea House’.

‘The Imperfects Tour’ is happening from April this year. Find tickets in your city here.