October 26, 2022

Episode #179: Hugh van Cuylenburg on protecting your energy & implementing learnings

The wonderful Hugh van Cuylenburg is the only guest we’ve had 3 times on KICPOD, but it’s for good reason that we keep getting him back! As always, the founder of The Resilience Project provides some wonderful insights on how to protect your energy and say no to things you don’t need to do, practicing what you preach and putting your learnings into every day life, and why it’s important to choose truth over harmony.

We also have a great giggle in today’s episode about the amount of fangirling coming from one particular host, plus we put a spin on the ‘Vulerabilitea House’ segment that Hugh usually does on his podcast – we, instead, do the ‘Hilaritea House’.

* Check out Hugh’s podcast ‘The Imperfects’ with Ryan Shelton here

* Be sure to keep an eye out for Hugh’s new show coming to Amazon next Feb called G.E.M.