October 12, 2022

Episode #175: Shameless vs KIC – When besties become business buddies, with Zara & Michelle

For anyone who has a podcast, it seems unfathomable to reach a milestone like 50 million downloads – but for Shameless Media founders Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews, this has recently become a reality!

If you’ve contributed to that 50 million, you will have heard one of their many podcasts; Shameless, Scandal, Everybody Has A Secret, Book Club or Love Etc.

In today’s episode, Zara & Michelle tell us what their career journey has been like so far, how they deal with stressful times, and of course compare notes with Steph & Laura also being two female founders in the public eye who started a business together after becoming besties. We also learn that if it weren’t for something Laura said, they might not have gotten to where they are now!