November 24, 2021

Support your running with these Masterclasses

Maintaining and continuing to build your strength is imperative to support your running. Having strong leg, core, arm and glute muscles will not only help you to take more powerful and swift strides (i.e. run faster) but will also help to prevent any injuries!

It is for these reasons that we can’t stress enough the importance of undertaking 1 or 2 KIC strength/yoga/pilates Masterclasses alongside the KICRUN program (or even to complement your own personal runs).

Here are some of our favourite KIC masterclasses which are not only hella fun, but will help support and set you up for the best possible success in your running.

Booty Burn - Masterclass with Britt

As the name suggests this Masterclass is all about the booty! We’re recommending this one as it is imperative that we have good glute strength to support our running. Your booty muscles which are made up of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus are vital to your running as they help to dictate your lower body’s alignment and how you move when you run. Therefore, by training your glutes you are able to ensure that your body is aligned and that the impact forces from your strides are being transmitted evenly throughout your lower half when running.

P.s. you’ll need a booty band for this workout.

Toning Power - Masterclass with Mari

This equipment-free Pilates class with Mari takes you through some lower body exercises and specifically focuses on improving your bridging and working your glutes. Similarly to Britt’s Booty Burn, these pilates movements will gently help to strengthen your glute muscles and help your running strides become more powerful and stable. In this class, Mari coaches you through how to achieve the perfect glute bridge and takes you through the accompanying breath work so that you’re able to achieve the ultimate glute activation.

We recommend revisiting this Masterclass often as it’s gentle on the joints and each time you do it, you’ll notice that you can more confidently and steadily undertake the advanced and more complex movements (this is because your glutes will be getting stronger).

Free your spine with Laura - Yoga with Cecily

This is a beautiful yoga practice which is perfect for beginner yogis. Not only is a yoga flow great to help you relax, stretch out your muscles and release tension that may have built up from your running, but it’s also super valuable if ever you’re feeling overwhelmed by an upcoming run or you’re feeling anxious about completing your first run.

We especially love this flow as it really helps to draw you in mentally and emotionally and put your mind at rest.

Build & Tone with Laura - Masterclass with Danny

This strength based workout with Danny is one of our favourites as you’ll be hitting a range of muscle groups from head to toe! This particular Masterclass is broken down into 5 AMRAP blocks which allows you to work at your own pace and really focus on form over reps. We also love that Danny is there coaching you through each exercise and how to perform each rep to ensure that you’re smashing out each exercise with the correct form.

Heads up, this exercise is great to complete at the gym as you’ll need some dumbbells, a light kettlebell and a box or chair!

You’ll find all of the above Masterclasses in your KIC app today! Ready, set, let’s sweat!