February 01, 2023

Struggling to stay motivated? We’ve got you!

It’s no secret that sometimes when life gets busy, our routine tends to take a hit. We’ve all been there – some days we feel motivated, other days can be really hard, and that’s totally normal and part of human nature!

However, we’re here to help with a few suggestions up our sleeve that can improve your motivation, maintain your routine and support you on your fitness journey.

We’re also about to release two new Masterclasses every week over the month of Feb so you can continue to move to suit your mood. These 10-30 minute on-demand style workouts, are designed to fit into your everyday and will keep you moving your way throughout February!

So, without further ado, below is our guide to keep you feeling motivated, energised and KIC’ing goals!

1. Surround yourself with positive people.

Being around positive people can help to boost your energy and your mood, making motivation come easily. Everything we surround ourselves with and the content we consume has a large impact on our mood and daily lives.

Negativity can lead to feeling drained and unenthusiastic, therefore impacting our motivation. Try surrounding yourself with positivity and with people who make you feel good and encourage you to be the best version of YOU!

If you haven’t already, you can also join our KICSQUAD – our private Facebook Group with over 50,000 like-minded members – a safe space full of motivational messages and an opportunity for you to connect with others and be part of our growing KIC Community!

2. Set attainable, sustainable goals and review progress regularly.

Setting goals that are achievable and reviewing them regularly helps to increase motivation by giving you something to refer back to.

As you go, referring back to these goals will keep you accountable ensuring your time and effort goes into productivity rather than becoming distracted.

3. Making a routine - and sticking with it!

Creating a routine and persisting with it can help you feel in control of your life.

Creating new habits to do at the same time each day and week will help create consistency – we call this habit stacking – accomplishing a series of small, sustainable and achievable goals, which is a very effective way to change or build on healthy habits and ensure they’re maintained in the long term.

Our NEW weekly Masterclasses, launching from Monday 6 February, with two classes dropping each week throughout February, will be a great way to stay motivated, keep up your routine and stick to your fitness goals.

4. Find your mentors. Someone experienced with the habits you want to embody.

Seeking motivation through those with habits you’d like to incorporate in your everyday life is a great way to stay motivated!

Speak to someone who you look up to – it might be a parent, a teacher, a colleague or a friend. Talking to them about what they do to maintain a healthy, balanced routine in their lives might spark some inspiration for your own.

5. Be kind to yourself!

Some days, no matter how hard you try, the motivation might not come and that’s okay. Not every day has to be a personal best. Your journey is your own and it’s important to listen to your body and remember that tomorrow is a brand new day to try again!

Stay tuned for our our NEW weekly Masterclasses, dropping Monday 6th of February every week for the month of February.

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