October 14, 2021

KICRUN: Masterclasses to support your training

As you start to fall in love with running (believe it or not) you might be tempted to pound the pavement every single workout!  But… When planning out your week it’s so important to include workouts that will complement all your hard work.


Including strength sessions and Pilates flows will help look after your strength and flexibility and ultimately enhance your running performance! We’ve asked KICRUN’s expert Physio, Hannah to help us understand what workouts we should be doing alongside KICURN! 


Here’s what your week could look like when you’re training to run 5km: 

  • Monday – Strength / Pilates 
  • Tuesday – Run 
  • Wednesday – Pilates 
  • Thursday – Run 
  • Friday – Strength / Pilates 
  • Saturday – Run 
  • Sunday – Rest / Yoga 


When planning your workouts for the week the key things to remember are: 

    1. Run every second day: You should aim to have one day off in between your runs to ensure your muscles are able to rest and recover. KICRUN consists of 3 runs per week which allows you to alternate between running and favourite KIC workouts. 
    2. If you want to introduce a 4th run: We recommend repeating the easiest run in the program for that week, rather than jumping ahead to the next week’s runs. 
    3. Strength & Pilates: Britt, Danny & Christina are about to be your BFFs! Support your running with at least 2 KIC workouts that focus on strengthening and lengthening your core & lower body. Keep scrolling to check out some of our favourite Masterclasses that target your abdominals, glutes, quads and hamstrings! 
    4. Minimise HIIT: If you’re new to running, try to avoid any workouts with jumping or high impact exercises. Your body is going through similar movements during your runs and you need to give those muscles a break. 
    5. Get your zen on: We can’t stress enough how important it is to rest! Try introducing 1 yin yoga class per week to relax and restore your body and your mind. With yin yoga, you’ll hold the poses for longer periods of time which gives your muscles a much-needed  stretch and lengthen after a challenging week of running! 



We’ve pulled together a handful of our favourite Masterclasses that will help enhance your running performance: 


  • All in the glutes: We can’t get enough of Britt’s lower body domination workout. Squat pulses, glute marches, deadlifts and loads of lunges will seriously work your glutes, inner thighs and hamstrings. Definitely don’t forget to stretch after this one! 
  • Abs on Fire:  Strengthening your core is vital to enhance the performance of your running and this Masterclass does exactly that! Britt will take you through a series of mountain climbers, dead bugs, planks, shoulder taps, sit ups and more, entirely focusing on your core!  
  • Lower Body Booster with Laura: Just as the name suggests this Masterclass will help boost your lower body strength to help you power through your runs. This is a great workout to complete at the gym if you’re heading in one day this week!
  • Peach Plumper: This workout is 5 x 4 minute rounds with a range of hip thrusts, split squats and goblet squats. Really take the time to focus on your technique and remember to stretch out your glutes post workout!



  • Slow & Controlled with Laura: Designed to improve flexibility, strength and body awareness this Pilates class is an all time favourite. Remember to concentrate on your breathing and control for optimum results.  
  • Core Focus: Slow down the tempo and start lying down on your mat with a series of tabletop core exercises. Ease your way into slow & steady squats to warm up and stretch your hard working glutes and hamstrings. 
  • Stretch & Strength: Christina’s bodyweight Pilates class is a perfect way to activate your glutes and control your core! 



  • Savasana: Yin yoga is slow and meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. Expect to finish this flow feeling relaxed, renewed & restored. If you don’t have a yoga block use a book or a cushion.
  • Hip awakening with Laura: Say ‘hello’ to your hips and hamstrings through this progressive sequence that create both strength & mobility and awaken your hips from every angle! 


We hope this helps you set yourself up for a successful week of KIC’ing your goals! Don’t forget to share your KICRUN journey in the Facebook Community!