December 30, 2022

How Steph is levelling up her workout routine in 2023

2023 is going to be one of the biggest and best years yet for both myself and for KIC.

To say I’m pumped for this year is an understatement. I’ve probably now got you wondering what’s got my cup SO full it’s overflowing with excitement!

Well, keep reading, because we’re about to level up your fitness, revitalise your motivation and help you prioritise your best self in 2023 with an app update you won’t want to miss.

So, what’s new to the KIC app?

It will be even easier to find the recipe, workout & meditation you’re looking for through our new explore functionality and filtering.

We’re about to launch brand NEW progressive KIC Programs, designed to help build your strength, endurance and stay accountable to your goals, with KICSTART 4 Week Program, KICFIT 8 Week Program, KICFIT 12 week program plus an Equipment Free 4 Week Beginner Program. These programs reveal the movements I’ve mastered in my 1:1 training sessions with Danny Kennedy, so you can master them and achieve your fitness goals.

KICBUMP has also been updated to include a Prenatal Program which is so exciting. I want to to continue to empower expecting mums to keep their bodies moving during pregnancy in a way that is safe and feels good for them.

You will be able to track your progress based on the program you’ve selected, via the YOU profile, to help keep you accountable and motivated along the way.

Our new progressive KIC Programs are probably the biggest and most exciting update to your experience, and that’s what has got me feeling so pumped. The Programs have been designed to help you workout your way at home or at the gym with confidence and achieve your fitness goals, and I’ll be by your side the whole way!

Here’s a quick run down of each of the programs!

KICSTART: 4 Week Program

Beginner level – This is perfect if you’re just getting started. You can expect four foundational weeks of both strength and HIIT training, designed to help you gain confidence, build your fitness and progress to more challenging movements as you work through the program.

KICFIT: 8 Week Program

Intermediate level – If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, this one’s for you. You can expect eight weeks of more challenging training sessions that will incorporate a mix of body weight and equipment to improve your strength, as well as higher impact movements to test your endurance.

KICPRO: 12 Week Program

Advanced level – This is perfect if you train regularly and you’re ready to challenge yourself. You can expect intensified training over 12 weeks with more equipment, dynamic movements and progressive overload to take your fitness to the next level and leave you feeling accomplished.

Equipment Free: 4 Week Program

Beginner level – This is the perfect place to start, especially if you workout from home or have no access to equipment. Work through both strength and HIIT training using your body weight as resistance, master your form and find confidence in movement.

KICBUMP Prenatal Program:

Prenatal – This is perfect if you are an expecting mum! I know first hand how overwhelming the noise can be around what you can, and can’t do when it comes to exercising during pregnancy. You can rest assured that our program has been developed by our KIC physiotherapist and women’s health educator, Ash Mason, and it can be followed and repeated throughout all trimesters, and will have you feeling confident and strong from bump to baby.

What can you expect to achieve?

So, I’m planning on doing the KICPRO 12 Week Program, supported by various Masterclasses that are also in the app and perfect to use as supplementary workouts to the KIC Program. But through shooting, testing and trialing each of these Programs, I know just how effective you will find them in helping you to achieve long term, sustainable goals, positive habits to keep you motivated and accountable as well a sense of accomplishment by challenging yourself.

What’s included in the Programs?

  • Strength training
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • 20 to 30 minute sessions
  • Choose between 3, 4 and 5 day training options per week

Our new look app and brand NEW Programs are available from the 9th of January. You can read more about our KIC Programs here. We can’t wait to KIC’ it with you!

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Sale ends midnight, Sunday 15 January 2023 AEDT. 

Steph Claire Smith