January 11, 2023

Steph’s favourite smoothies that are perfect for summer!

Smoothies are one of my favourite breakfasts for those days when the weather is balmy and the sun is shining or I need something to take with me on the go.

I love that I can change it up so easily and blend a mix of ingredients that I’m in the mood for – it could be something chocolatey one day and fruity the next. But regardless of my cravings, the Meals section in the KIC app always has me covered – it has so many smoothie recipes that are so tasty and leave me feeling fuller for longer.

Currently, I have 3 favourite smoothie recipes from the app and here’s why they’re on rotation!

1. Banana & Mango Smoothie

One of my favourite parts about summer is the fruit, especially mango! Although this recipe calls for frozen mango (which is available at all times of the year) I personally love adding in some fresh mango too as it’s usually sweeter than frozen mango.

Another reason to love this fruity smoothie is because it only calls for 5 ingredients:

Frozen banana, frozen mango, coconut milk, protein powder and a few rolled oats! I personally love to sub out the coconut milk for almond milk, which changes up the flavour a little, and I like to add little splashes at a time so I can keep the consistency thicker and make it a smoothie bowl instead! You could even opt to add a handful of spinach in as well to ensure a good dose of greens. 

Whenever I make smoothie bowls, I love topping it with some chia seeds, granola, fresh fruit and peanut butter.

2. Salted Caramel & Chocolate Smoothie

This is my go to smoothie on the days where I feel like dessert for breakfast. The combo of dates, banana, salted caramel protein powder, cacao, almond butter, almond milk, ice and salt never fails to hit the spot!

When blended it becomes so thick and creamy, I’m craving it now just writing about it!

If you don’t have the KIC Caramel Protein Powder at your disposal, any chocolate protein powder will work however if you go with chocolate protein powder, I’d recommend omitting some of the cacao powder to balance out the flavours.

3. Peanut Butter Smoothie

Peanut butter is hands down my favourite nut butter of all time. I just love how it’s salty, sweet, nutty and earthy all at the same time and works for both sweet and savoury dishes.

This smoothie is so effortless to make and only calls for some almond milk, peanut butter, vanilla protein powder, yoghurt and a frozen banana. When it comes to frozen banana, you can either use store bought or freeze the bananas yourself.

Freezing bananas is a great way to prevent them from going off and gives you up to about six months to use them. It’s always nice when you can minimise your food waste and create something delicious too!

For more delicious smoothie recipes and breakfast inspo, make sure you’re subscribed to the KIC app.

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Steph Claire Smith