April 12, 2024

New to Pilates? Here’s everything you need to know about our beginner series.

Ready to try Pilates? But don’t know the difference between teasers and toe taps?

Or does the idea of stepping into a studio make you sweat? We’ve all been there.

Get ready to ‘Begin with Pilates’. Everything you need to enter your Pilates era, with confidence. By the time you’ve finished this series, you’ll have the basic pilates movements covered and feel ready to flow with confidence. Series’ are designed to be completed at your own pace, like Netflix but for wellness!

So, what is ‘Begin with Pilates’?

In this NEW 14-step series, Christina will help you learn the common Pilates movements – guiding your form, breath and mindset every step of the way. No judgement, No expectations. Just roll out your mat and let’s learn to flow, together. These sessions range from 5-20 minutes long, making it easier for you to fit in your day. Throughout the series you’ll be introduced to a range of different pilates exercises, targeting your full body, core and lower body.

What equipment will I need?

All you need for this series is a yoga mat or a towel to lay on! How easy is that?

Can I know a bit more about the trainer, Christina?

Christina’s teachings encourage you to challenge yourself & trust your body. With a strong focus on technique & having a laugh, you’ll find joy & confidence in her classes.

Series, programs and masterclasses - what’s the difference?

We’ve got so many flexible workout options for you in the Kic app, here’s the difference between them all:

Series is a collection of classes curated by experts to help improve mindset and Kic’ start healthy habits. Programs are PT style breakdowns/runs sequenced to achieve a particular goal eg. running 5km, being able to deadlift a certain weight etc.

Masterclasses are one off 5-30 minute classes in various workout styles so you can find movement to suit your mood.

How can I get started?

Make sure your Kic app is updated to the latest version, open the ‘explore’ page, head to ‘series’ and you’ll find ‘Begin with Pilates’ ready to go! No need to enrol, simply starting the first session enrols you in the series.

Available in app now.