October 18, 2023

4 reasons why I can’t get enough of Pilates

Hey Kic Squad, Mia here, Marketing & Product Coordinator at Kic. On Monday, we dropped 5 brand new Pilates classes with one of our OG Pilates queens, Christina. So, As a Pilates girl at heart, I thought I’d share 4 reasons why I can’t get enough of Pilates right now…

Pilates has captivated the hearts of the fitness world for decades (including mine), and its popularity continues to soar. At first the idea of Pilates can seem daunting – What if it’s too hard? What if I look silly? But the reason I fell in love with Pilates is because it’s a workout for anyone and everyone, and the rewards are unmatched! Whether you’re a dedicated Pilates enthusiast or a newbie curious about the buzz, you’ll quickly discover why Pilates is trending. 

So, here are 4 reasons why I can’t get enough of Pilates right now…

Mind-body connection

I am moving in ways I never thought I could. How? Mind-body connection. Pilates is not just about strength, each movement requires concentration and mindfulness. Once you’re in tune with your body, you can perform exercises with precision, focus, and intention. This will allow you to maximise the rewards pilates has to offer such as overall strength, flexibility and posture. I also found that being mindful allows me to feel present in my body during a workout which puts me in a better mood! 

Pro tip: move slowly at first so you can feel the targeted muscles work. Don’t be afraid to take breaks and reset so you don’t compromise your form – Pilates is all about listening to your body.

Low impact, high rewards

You heard right! Your knees, hips and spine are going to adore you! There are no sudden leaps or body-slamming moves – it’s all about smooth and controlled movements that your joints are going to thank you for. On top of that, the increased core strength and stability from Pilates better supports your spine and improves balance which means less lower back pain…yay! 

Pro tip: If you’re craving an energy booster, try this 15 minute ‘Endurance Energiser’ session with Christina. 

Whole body conditioning

Did you know one singular Pilates move can target several muscle groups at once…Talk about efficiency! Pilates exercises are designed to flow from one to the next, often incorporating compound movements which means when you transition between different movements, you engage multiple different muscle groups giving you that whole body burn! 

For anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Lastly, the main reason Pilates has my heart. Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned athlete, or somewhere in between, Pilates welcomes all with open arms! There are modifications or advancements for almost every move, making it a completely customisable workout (does it get better than that?). You can embrace Pilates from your living room or at the gym and there is no fancy equipment required – just a willingness to roll out a mat and let Pilates do its thing! 


Mia Yanay