December 19, 2023

Laura’s tips for a feel good flow

1. Breath

At Kic, we believe in moving your body in a way that feels best for YOU! And that includes breathing as well. In your pilates class you may hear our instructors say, ‘exhale on exertion’, or put simply, exhale when it gets hard. This is in the standing up phase of your squat, pressing yourself up in a push up or in the crunch phase of a sit up. Whilst this can be beneficial, only you will know if it feels right for your body. So, all we suggest is simply check in with your breath throughout your pilates class, and make sure you’re breathing through your movement.

2. Form over pride

There is absolutely no shame in reducing reps, taking regressions, or modifying movements to suit your body in its current state. Often our pride can get in the way of doing what’s best for our body, and whilst taking on challenges is amazing, we should never do so in a way that compromises our pilates form.   

3. Move actively not passively

Put simply, your instructor provides you with the moves, you then choose how hard you work. To get the most out of your pilates workout, moving actively means being present and focusing on form, pace, and control of each and every move. Think about the muscles you’re working and make the most of each and every rep!

4. Zip up your jeans!

Your core is the basis of your movement, ensuring you move with stability and protect your spine and joints in the process. You may have heard the phrase ‘activate your core’ throughout your pilates class, but the concept of this can be confusing and overwhelming, so let’s simplify it! When completing your class, imagine you’re trying to zip up the tightest pair jeans you own; wrap that belly in, draw your belly button to your spine and voila – core activated.

5. Mindfulness

A lot of the time our mind wanders in class, and we tend to miss cues, lose our form, or lose our breath. To complete pilates mindfully is to try and focus throughout your class, knowing there is nowhere else you need to be in that moment. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’, so try to let yourself mentally and physically check into your pilates flow, take time for you, and be proud of yourself for making it onto the mat.

Laura Henshaw