March 31, 2021

It’s a Pilates Party! Four Pilates Classes to Get on Your Radar

We’ve been working up a sweat to bring our amazing KIC community a brand new series of Pilates masterclasses! Join our passionate Pilates instructors, Christina and Mari, as they guide you through a range of energising exercises, now available via the KIC app.

From going back to basics with Christina, to a classic core workout with Mari, these workouts are designed to help improve your posture, strengthen your body and empower your mind.

Our Pilates masterclasses are perfect for those of you who love working out with a buddy or need a little motivation. Our incredible instructors are not only guiding you through each of the exercises, they’re actually completing them with you!

Top tip: Don’t forget to focus on your breathing, technique and posture – it’s all about mindful movements!

Pilates masterclasses on our radar: 

Freedom to Move with Mari – This Pilates class is a holistic mind-body workout which targets your core muscles throughout each exercise. Stretch, strengthen and align your body all at the same time. No equipment needed, All you need is the motivation to hit ‘start!’

Total Control with Christina – This class will be sure to test you and be sure to get those post workout endorphins racing. Completed in just 24 minutes and all you need is a yoga mat and a block (or your biggest book!).

Steph’s Favourite – Back to Basics 
“Perfecting your technique is so much more important than rushing your exercises. I love how Christina breaks it down and focuses on the foundational movements of Pilates. This masterclass is an amazing introduction to Pilates or perfect for those looking to master their technique!”

Laura’s Favourite – Whole Body Burner 
“The name says it all, Mari’s whole body burner seriously works your entire body! This endorphin boosting workout is the best way to start your day! Mari is working out with you every step of the way, so if you need a little motivation to KIC’ your goals I highly recommend this masterclass!”

Ready to get this Pilates party started? Head to the Wellness Hub within the KIC app to choose from our epic lineup of exercises!

Not part of the KIC Squad… Yet? Take advantage of our 7 day free trial, where you can access our new Pilates masterclasses along with HIIT and strength workouts, yoga classes, meditations and hundreds of delicious healthy recipes.

So, roll that mat out, we’re ready when you are!