October 25, 2022

October recipe chart revealed!

In need of some cooking inspiration this week?

We’ve compiled the community’s most loved recipes from this month to help KIC’start your next meal.

From easy one pot dinners that work for lunch the next day to fresh, Vietnamese inspired dishes, there’s no denying that you guys have great taste when it comes to food!

Check out the community’s top 8 recipes below:

One Pan Enchiladas

If you haven’t already tried this recipe you’re missing out! We are HUGE fans of dinners that are delicious, nutritious and easily assembled in one pan, and this recipe is one of them. We love how this dish combines classic Mexican Flavours with chicken and sliced tortillas and totally by-passes that fiddly step of rolling and assembling each enchilada! You get the same great taste without the fuss. You truly can’t go wrong with this dish.

One Pot Tuscan Chicken

This recipe is seriously budget friendly (under $4 a serve) and it doesn’t compromise on smell or taste! The inclusion of sun dried tomatoes brings an intense sweet-tart flavour which transforms the sauce and pairs perfectly with the chicken. The community also love to bulk up this meal a little more and you’ve recommended pairing it with a side of couscous, blanched broccolini, steamed rice or roasted or mash potato! You can add whatever tickles your fancy and will satisfy your tastebuds.

BLT Pasta Salad

This recipe takes the classic BLT sandwich ingredients and has transformed them into a protein packed pasta dish. This recipe is great for meal prep or for a gathering as it can be enjoyed cold and stays fresh because the dressing isn’t added until you’re ready to serve!


There’s no doubt that the KIC community love to bake and the Brookies have been an all-star stand out this month and it’s obvious as to why… because they bring together 2 of the most delicious sweets – cookies and brownies! They’re also perfect to make over the weekend and pop into a school lunch box as they’re nut free, or you could take these into work to accompany your morning or afternoon coffee or tea.

Crispy Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

Fresh, crunchy and so much fun to prepare, it’s clear why our you guys are obsessed with these rice paper rolls. Our community has also given us the hot tip of ensuring that you don’t over soak the rice paper sheets as this this will help them become extra crispy when you fry them up. For anyone who is plant based, we’ve also got vegan version of this recipe which includes tofu!

Zesty Greens Pasta

Our community LOVE their greens and love them even more when paired with pasta to create a delicious dish. The appeal of this dish is not only the creamy green sauce made from garlic, olive oil, peas, ricotta and lemon juice, but because of the fact that it’s SO easy to make – when it comes to the prep, there’s only the garlic to chop and fry before combining the sauce ingredients in the blender, blending the sauce and then combining it with the cooked pasta. How could you not want to try this simple, delicious and minimal mess dish?!

Chicken Banh Mi

Bring a classic Vietnamese dish to your home with this recipe. Not only is this so simple to prepare, but it never fails to satisfy our craving for something bread-y. The best thing about this dish are the sauces – both the one used to dress the chicken but also the mayo and sriracha combo to coat your bread. This recipe is also easily made gluten free by using a gluten free bread roll and if you’re egg free simply opt for vegan mayonnaise.

One Pot Lasagna

This recipe is a must try because as much as we all LOVE lasagna, it can often be rather time consuming to make as you have to prepare each layer then assemble it, however with this recipe it’s all made in the one pot over the stove! We think that as soon as you try this recipe it’ll become a weekly favourite. Plus, if you’ve got leftovers, pop them into a container, store in the fridge and reheat the following day for lunch or dinner. If you want to add a few more greens to this recipe, feel free to add in some spinach or serve with a side salad.

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