April 17, 2024

KICPOD: Unpacking our psychic medium readings with Jessica Lynne Mediumship

If you’ve ever questioned if you’re on the right path and wished you could ask someone who’s no longer alive what they think, a psychic medium could help connect you. Jessica Lynne is a psychic medium who’s dedicated herself to connecting the living with their departed loved ones. Steph & Laura both received a reading from Jess, and in this episode, they unpack it together.

Find out: how Jess actually connects with departed loved ones, what you should do with the information you get from a medium, can you still get a reading even if you’ve never lost someone, and how skeptical is too skeptical?

Then Steph & Laura share parts of their own readings with Jess and how the readings align to things they’re both working through right now.


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