March 20, 2024

Episode #313: Should I break up with them? Relationship coach Megan Luscombe answers your questions

Overwhelmingly the most common questions we receive in the KICPOD inbox are about relationships. For this episode we brought in an expert: Megan Luscombe has specialised in relationship and business coaching, working with individuals and couples, for the past 12 years.

We put three different scenarios (from you) to Megan and asked for her advice:

I love him but I’m not in love with him anymore

I’m young and I’m scared I’m missing out on my 20’s by being in a relationship

He said he wanted two kids and he changed his mind after we had one. 

And then we asked the most common questions that came up: am I a bad person for thinking about my ex while I’m in a relationship with someone else? How do I stop having feelings for someone who never had feelings for me? I can’t stand my partner’s family – should we break up?

Thank you to everyone who got in touch and trusted their questions with us <3 


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