January 28, 2022

KICFIT Challenge: Week1

This challenge is all about YOU. Get ready to feel confident in yourself and in your skin. Join thousands of KIC Squad members and feel strong, happy and proud of what you can achieve! 

Before you get started there’s just two things you’ll need to do:

1. Switch to KICFIT

This step is really important! Danny’s challenge will only appear in the KICFIT program planner. Head to your KIC LOG and make sure you’ve selected the KICFIT program. You can always change back to KICSTART when you’re done! 

2. Sign up to the Challenge Newsletter

If you want to receive weekly motivational challenge emails you’ll need to register to our challenge newsletter. Then keep an eye out for the KIC Mail dropping in your inbox every Saturday, updating you on the week ahead.


MONDAY: Curls 'n' Crunches with Laura

Ready for an epic full body workout? Laura will be working out by your side as you smash out arabesques, Romanian dead lifts and squats. You’ll then move onto core and finish off with an upper body series of reverse flies, hammer curls and tricep extensions. You’ll definitely feel the burn after this one!

KIC PARTY WEDNESDAY: Sweating Gold with Laura

Join Steph, Laura and hundreds of KIC Squad members as we smash out Wednesday’s workout together on Zoom! Super HIIT, super hard and super rewarding! This workout is a high intensity sweat session packed with jumping burpees, lunges and kettlebell swings. Ready? Let’s HIIT the ground running!

FRIDAY: Glute Camp with Steph

Let’s fire up those glutes! Starting with 5 minute AMRAP with 15 x kettlebell swings, 15 x jump squats and 15 x goblet squats. Over the next 5 minutes you’ll be working 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest with Bulgarian split squats, hip thrusts, goblet squats & V-sit. Then it’s time to push your body & mind to the limit with 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off, reverse lunges, wall hip raises, Russian deadlifts, surrenders & calf raises, repeating each exercise twice. Steph will be right there with you. 


We’ve curated four dietitian-approved meal plans to fuel each of you throughout the next 6 weeks. Choose from our regular, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan meal plans, you can download the PDF below or head in app to your planner to check out your delicious lineup of recipes. Remember this is only a guideline, this is your challenge so feel free to swap, tweak and adapt the menu to suit YOU!