May 29, 2023

Your equipment guide to Kic it!

Well, hello there!

We love that you’ve found yourself here as it means you’re gearing up to Kic it with us or looking to up the ante of your workouts. Either way, we couldn’t be more excited. 

When it comes to Kic’ing it, all Kic workouts have been designed to be completed almost anywhere. Kic is a PT in your pocket so that no matter where you are, whether you’re at the gym, by the beach or in the comfort of your own home, Kic has your back!

We have a vast range of workouts some which require equipment and others which don’t. At Kic we want you to be able to move your body regardless of whether or not you have equipment on hand. The only thing you really do need is a positive attitude, big smile and a growth mindset.

However if you are looking to purchase some equipment, here’s what we recommend having. Please note that we provide a weight range as everybody’s strength levels are different, so be sure to settle on a weight that is suitable to you. These have also been listed from most commonly used to least commonly used so that you know what you might like to make a priority.

  1. Yoga mat;
  2. Set of light dumbbells (between 1-3kg);
  3. Set of heavy dumbbells (between 4-9kg);
  4. Kettlebell (between 8-24kg);
  5. Bench;
  6. Mini band;
  7. Skipping rope;
  8. Resistance band;
  9. Pilates ball;
  10. Sliders;
  11. Yoga block; and
  12. Medicine Ball.


Now should you not be able to get your hands on the above don’t stress! There are plenty of at home alternatives:


  • Use a towel or a carpeted surface instead of a yoga mat.
  • Use water bottles or cans instead of dumbbells.
  • You can simply complete the exercise without the mini band or resistance band.
  • Sub in some high knees or jogging on the spot if you don’t have a skipping rope.
  • Grab a book on the thicker side to act as a yoga block.
  • No Pilates ball? Grab yourself a firm small cushion.
  • Substitute sliders with a pair of socks.
  • Use a tub of washing detergent or another heavy item lying around instead of a kettlebell or medicine ball.
  • Use your couch or a chair in place of a bench.

We can’t wait to have you breaking a sweat with us!