April 03, 2024

Episode #317: An important conversation about breast cancer with Kic community member Ellie

In January, one of Kic community members, Ellie, messaged us on Instagram asking to share her story of being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer diagnosis at just 31 years old.

Ellie noticed a lump in one of her breasts last August. When it didn’t go away, Ellie made an appointment to get it checked out by her GP. Within days, Ellie underwent an ultrasound and biopsy to find out it was breast cancer, which led to more biopsies, an egg retrieval and chemotherapy. Ellie’s plans for a holiday in Europe, starting a family, and her work as a midwife & nurse, were all put on pause while she underwent six months of chemo.

We spoke to Ellie a few weeks before she was having a surgery to determine whether or not she would need a double mastectomy.

After our conversation with Ellie, we speak with Kirsten Pilatti, the CEO of Breast Cancer Network Australia, about the importance of doing regular breast checks and seeking help if you notice something looks or feels different.

Find out more about Breast Cancer Network Australia https://www.bcna.org.au/ 


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