November 30, 2022

Episode #189: A cancer diagnosis 3 months after giving birth – KICBUMP, with Kellie Gardner

Kellie Gardner was living her best life with her partner, AFL player Jeremy Finlayson, falling pregnant and giving birth to their beautiful baby girl Sophia in August last year. Then, when Sophia was just 3 months old, Kellie was diagnosed with stage 3 Colorectal Cancer, which she later found out was actually stage 4.

After spending a large amount of Sophia’s life in hospital, Kellie wants to warn other mums and women to listen to their bodies and get checked if anything doesn’t seem right.

We’re so grateful for Kellie coming on to tell her story, and are glad to hear she’s now doing well. To hear more about her story and follow her motherhood journey, check out @kelliegardner__ on Instagram.

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